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Sometimes it is hard to execute on a good idea. Case in point when UltimateMama told her daughter that it would be absolutely no problem decorating cupcakes with a Harry Potter theme.  After searching several specialty craft and baking stores in NYC, UltimateMama came up with a genius idea – -making Funfetti cupcakes with colorful cupcake liners, smearing white frosting on them, and placing a Harry Potter plastic ring in each cupcake as the decoration (themed plastic rings are also fun party favors AND cupcake picks can work as a fun alternative to the rings)!  A big hit for all in no time!  UltimateMama will admit she did have to buy the Harry Potter plastic rings on eBay!

UltimateMama hosted the birthday party celebration of her 9 year old daughter at Pizzerina Uno.  The kids were able to make their own personal pizzas as well as decorate sundaes.  While the guests were filing in, they took part in a create a t shirt for a teddy bear craft project.  It was simple, fun, and free of messes!  Here’s what you do:

Buy each birthday party guest a plush 15 inch teddy bear (or another animal of your choice) – we purchased our bears at Toys R Us

Purchase white t shirts for teddy bears in bulk – from in our case

Cut up a cardboard box into little squares to put inside the t shirts so that markers do not bleed through

Tell the kids to let their creativity flow with fabric markers – we love those by Crayola