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UltimateMama will be the first to admit that she doesn't sign her children up for EVERY class under the sun.  Although UltimateMama believes in exposing children to a variety of classes and activities she doesn't believe it should be done in one season.

Did you order your wedding cake without sampling it first?  Would you order a case of wine without trying a bottle?  Of course not.  So, UltimateMama advises you to ask for a trial or sample class before committing to a whole session or semester.  In this economic downturn many venues are more than willing to accommodate such a request. 

Think outside the box when it comes to exposing your child to classes.  Attend open houses, family days, and special events with your children to gage their interest level.  Examine the following to evaluate whether or not to sign your child up for specific classes:

– Teaching faculty:  Are they engaged? What is the teacher to child ratio?  Are they properly trained?

– Facilities:  Is it clean?  Is it large enough for the class size?  Is it safe?

– Pricing:  Do you pay per semester or per class?  Are there any discounts if you sign up additional siblings?  If your child joins a class mid-session do you only pay for the upcoming classes?

– Make-up Classes:  How many make-up classes are allowed per session?  Do the days/times of the make-up classes work with your family's schedule?

UltimateMama would have never thought to walk 25 blocks to attend a music class UNTIL she saw (and won) a GREAT package for a monthly family concert/class series at a silent auction fund-raiser.  The renowned music institution offered a series of classes that kids of any age could attend.  It was a home run for UltimateMama as the commitment was only once per month for 7 months and both children could actively participate.  UltimateMama was able to support a children's charity as well as expose her children to a variety of music!