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UltimateMama feels that you can never be too prepared!

UltimateMama advises you to be sure to monitor your child’s supplies on a daily basis.  You do not want to be forced to run out to the convenience store at 10 pm in a snowstorm or rainstorm because you ran out of diapers.  And you certainly do not want your nanny or childcare provider to panic if she cannot find a necessary item. 

It is a good idea to keep the communication lines open with your partner, spouse or nanny and ask them to keep a written list of needed supplies.  Also, you may want to ask for their opinion on certain brands or styles of items.

One mother complained to her child’s nanny about diapers that leaked every single night.  The child often awoke in the middle of the night with wet pajamas and a wet crib sheet.  The nanny who had four children of her own not to mention several years of experience in babysitting offered a simple suggestion to the mother — try a different brand of diapers in a bigger size that are specific for overnight use.  The mother welcomed the suggestion and promptly purchased the new diapers after work.  Both the mother and baby were rewarded as the baby never leaked through her diaper at night again. Thank you Huggies Overnights!



Supplies to keep at home may include (depending on your child’s age):  


– diapers – daytime and overnight


– wipes (UltimateMama loves Pampers Senstive Wipes AND resealable packaging is coming back!)


– diaper-area cream or ointment


– hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes in every room of your home, especially by the changing table


– blankets for swaddling, tummy time, etc.


– changing pad covers (a few of them in case of accidents)


– extra crib or bed sheets


– first aid kit (adhesive bandages, antiseptic wash/ointment, alcohol rubs)


– brush and comb


– toothbrush and toothpaste


– nail clippers or scissors; nail file


– petroleum jelly


– sunscreen


– sunglasses


– hats, mittens, seasonal accessories


– tissues


– burp cloths


– bibs (UltimateMama loves Kee-Ka Organic bibs for infants and Bumkins waterproof bibs for the table food stage)



– appropriate outerwear (warm jacket in the winter months and rash guard shirts with SPF protection in the summer months) and shoes (boots in the winter months and water shoes in the summer months)


– bath tub or bathmat


– wash clothes/towels


– hypoallergenic lotion, soap, and laundry detergent


– shampoo


– beverages as well as bottles/sippy cups and cleaning brushes (UltimateMama loves BornFree products as they are BPA-free)



– food and utensils


– thermometer


– appropriate medicine for pain or fever reduction (check with the child’s doctor)


– bulb syringe


  child safety products (such as outlet covers, table bumpers, toilet locks, latches for drawers, etc.)


You should always let your childcare provider know where you keep your child’s car seat in case of emergencies.  If the car seat is not installed in a car that she has access to then show her how to install it in a car or a taxi. 


Also, show your childcare provider how to use your child’s stroller.  Every stroller is very different so spend a few minutes and give your nanny a quick tutorial on how to fold it, adjust the angle, and use the parking brake.  A few minutes of your time will prove to be extremely helpful to your childcare provider and potentially lesson her stroller frustrations. 

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