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me crazy, call me paranoid but UltimateMama believes you can never be
too safe when it comes to your precious children!  UltimateMama wants
to arm you with a few safety tips so that you can sleep better at


UltimateMama believes it is critical that you review important contact information with your family and childcare provider in the event of an emergency. Place a copy of your family’s contact information along with a CPR “cheat sheet” in a highly visible place in your home such as on the refrigerator, near the entrance, by the phone, etc.  Also, place copies in your child’s diaper bag. In addition, make sure to give a copy of this contact information to close family members or childcare providers for her safekeeping. 


You may also want to provide your childcare provider with access to “emergency” money in a sealed envelope placed in a drawer, the diaper bag, or on the refrigerator.  This money can be used for cab fare, gas money, or tolls to the doctor’s office or hospital or to buy necessary supplies.  By taking these precautions you are hopefully ensuring that your child will get the attention they deserve and need in the shortest amount of time. 



Child’s Name: 


Child’s Date of Birth: 


Child’s Allergies or other issues: 


Child’s Home Phone Number:


Child’s Home Street Address (including apartment number):


Apartment Building Doormen Phone Number:


Mother’s Name ______ ; Work Phone Number ___ ; Cell Phone Number___


Father’s Name________; Work Phone Number ___ ; Cell Phone Number ___


Pediatrician:  Dr. ____

Office Address

Office Phone Number:

Dentist:  Dr. ____

Office Address

Office Phone Number:

Person in case of emergency ____________;  Phone Number ___________


*Note:  Contact information is also in the child’s diaper bag and posted ________. 


For Emergencies:

If the child is in danger (injured, choked, unconscious, poisoned, or anything else out of the ordinary) please call 911 for emergency, then call Mom or Dad.


Emergency:  911

Poison Help Hotline:  1-800-222-1222 

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