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UltimateMama wants you and your child to enjoy activities.  However, UltimateMama belives that for your sanity, try to keep all classes that you wish you child to attend
with you or your childcare provider close to home.  Keep in mind the importance of showing up on time and
prepared as there is a cost/financial burden associated with most of these

Make sure that your child is dressed appropriately and
comfortably for the activities that may take place during class.  If the child is working on messy art projects
it may be a good idea to dress him in older clothing topped off with an art apron
or smock.  Some classes are more
physically intense so the child will want to be dressed in clothing that allows
for movement but that does not have any zippers, buttons, or embellishments
that may get caught on certain gym equipment. 
Tell the your childcare provider if there is anything special she should wear to
class.  For instance, some kids clubs or centers require everyone check in their shoes at the front door so
make sure both your child and nanny wear socks to protect their feet.  

Additionally, if you are not present at the class have your nanny provide you with an overview or
report on the class, instructor, and activities.  Ask her if she believes the class to be worth
the time and money spent and if she thought the child seemed interested.  

One mother was surprised when her nanny returned from a
class and told her the instructor was not ideal.  She did not think he had much interest or
experience in dealing with children.  The
nanny thought that the environment was rather tense as opposed to relaxed and
joyful.  The nanny suggested she try a
different class with the child on a free trail basis.  The mother respected the nanny’s opinion and
enrolled the child in a different class with a different instructor.   

There are so many classes for children that it is often
difficult to decide which class to sign your child up for each season.  Ask your neighbors and friends for
suggestions regarding classes that their children may have taken in your
area.  Examples of children’s classes

– music

– art

– gymnastics

– sign language

– foreign languages

– dance/movement

– cooking

– soccer, T-Ball, or other team sports

– religion

– theatrics

– yoga

– swimming

– day camps

You should ask your nanny if she is comfortable with the
specific class before you sign up your child. 
For instance, if your nanny is not comfortable in the water then do not
sign your child up for a swimming class that requires her participation with
your child in the pool.  Unless you can
get a private instructor for your child, save the swimming classes for a day
that you or your partner can participate. 

Be smart regarding what times you are scheduling your
child’s classes.  For instance, do not
schedule a class during naptime or mealtime. 
If the class is active, make sure your child had the proper amount of
time to digest his meal before partaking in the class.   

Do not over-schedule your child.  Most likely, you will have your child home
for almost 18 years so do not try to pack 18 years of classes in 1 year.  If you want your child to have variety, some
organizations offer combination classes such as:   

– art with music

– foreign language with music

– gymnastics with art 


Exhibit. Activity Calendar
(to be displayed in a prominent
spot such as the refrigerator or a bulletin board)

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:00 AM              
6:00 AM              
7:00 AM              
8:00 AM              
9:00 AM           Swim Class with
10:00 AM Art Class          
11:00 AM     Playdate      
12 NOON              
1:00 PM           Storytime
Hour at Library
2:00 PM       Music Class    
3:00 PM   Open Gym for Kids        
4:00 PM              
5:00 PM              
6:00 PM              
7:00 PM              
8:00 PM              
9:00 PM              
February 14th  Parent/Child Valentine's Day Dance
June 21st  Summertime Parks Clean-Up Volunteer Event
September 4th Back to School Kick-Off Lunch in the
October 31st Halloween Parade
December 15th Holiday Concert 

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