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UltimateMama knows that each fall parents and
children all over the U.S. must embark on the annual ritual of back to school
shopping.  This often daunting task can
be turned into an entertaining lesson about the benefits of green shopping for
our planet.  What a perfect time to teach
your children to preserve their environment by encouraging them to take a green
approach to the task.  Armed with the 3
R’s of waste management – reduce, reuse and recycle, you can educate your
children to be responsible consumers and complete the challenge of getting them
ready for a new school year in the process. 

Nowadays it is cool to be
green.  UltimateMama wants you to keep in mind that going green
does not have to be expensive.  Below are UltimateMama's helpful suggestions and tips for GREEN back to school shopping:

– Shop with reusable bags.  Be good to the planet by avoiding plastic
bags.  Make sure you shop with a study
bag that is big enough for all of supplies. 

– Walk, bike, or take public
transportation.  Use the money saved for
the college fund.

– Stick to recycled paper.  Teach your children to be responsible with
paper.  Encourage them to use computer
printers only when necessary.

– Go for pencils made from re-claimed
wood and refillable pens. 

– Opt for reusable water bottles at
lunchtime.  Fortunately, there are many non-plastic, stylish bottle
alternatives out there for your children to choose. 

– Pack lunches with fresh ingredients
purchased at the Farmers’ Market.  Not
only is buying locally good for your child’s body but also for the

– Cart those books around in a
backpack made from recycled materials. 

– Treat your children to organic
cotton clothing.  Not only is it
extremely comfortable but it is durable as well. 

– Head into a thrift store for
clothing and other miscellaneous supplies. 
You would be surprised how many items that can be found in thrift stores
are new with the original tags attached. 
Besides, many thrift stores have a charitable element to them so your
child is helping the environment and a charity at the same time.

– Ask your friends and family members
for hand-me-down clothing or school supplies and give away any items your
children no longer use or have outgrown.  

– Buy used books.  Take the suggested reading list to a used
bookstores and have fun browsing the shelves. 
Your family will save trees and money. 

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