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Before your trip even begins, UltimateMama advises
you to do a lot of research and come up with a list of activities to do
with your child.  Find some interesting museum exhibits or local playgrounds that your
child might enjoy. 

When packing for your
child UltimateMama wants you to be sure to include any special toys or garments that may be needed at the
destination.  For example, if you are
traveling to a beach community make sure you bring your child’s sandals,
swimsuit, hat, sand bucket and shovel.
If you are traveling to a ski resort do not forget long underwear and
several pairs of mittens (in case some get wet due to snow!). 

You will want to pack some smaller items so your child could have fun while waiting at airports, restaurants, or hotels.  UltimateMama thinks it is a good idea to bring some special items for your child to play with that they have never seen before!  Some fun yet compact items you may want to pack so your
child will have an enjoyable trip include:

– books

– crayons/coloring books

– stickers

– inflatable toys (such as beach balls) that can be used
outside or for bath toys

– flash cards

– stackable cups or blocks

– teething rings or teething toys (for infants)

Also, please do not forget snacks.  Whether you are driving, flying, or taking a train to your destination make sure your child is well fed and has enough to drink.

UltimateMama advises those who travel to be sensitive to their children's needs.  Once you reach your destination try to replicate your set-up
in order to get back into your child’s routine. 
Designate certain areas or rooms for eating, sleeping, or bathing. If you are traveling with a nanny, make
sure the appropriate supplies are available so the nanny can execute her job
flawlessly and your child has their needs met. 

At a local Manhattan playground, one New York City-based
mother met a Los Angeles-based nanny who was traveling with a family from
California.  The child had a great time
running in the sprinklers wearing her bathing suit and sunglasses.  The nanny even had bubbles and a few water
toys for her to play with at the playground. 
The NYC mother was amazed to discover after talking to the LA nanny that
she took the initiative to ask her hotel concierge where all the local parks
and playgrounds were so the child could play while the parents were at business
meetings. Organization like that for a child who is traveling really impresses UltimateMama!   

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