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UltimateMama believes that you should organize all of your child’s old, outgrown, or unused clothing.  Buy large, clear plastic storage bins, neatly fold all of the clothing that the child has outgrown, and place them in the containers by size.  Make sure that you put all coordinating pieces or
outfits together in case you need to
pull something out of the container. Use brightly colored markers and big white stickers to clearly label the
contents of each container.  The labels
should have information on the size and quantity of the clothing items.  A sample label is as follows:

Clothing:  Baby Girl

Sizes: 6-9 months

Season: Winter

– 5 white long-sleeve onesies

– 6 printed short-sleeve onesies

– 8 footed pajamas

– 2 pink coordinating jogging sets with pants/jackets

– 7 pairs of socks

– 2 winter hats

– 1 pair of mittens

– 1 winter jacket

– 1 snowsuit

UltimateMama wants you to keep your organizational
abilities sharp and work on this project on an ongoing basis
as your child outgrows their clothes! 

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