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UltimateMama believes that whether a child is going on a stroller ride to the park or
a walk down the street they should be dressed appropriately and comfortably.

Warm weather attire and accessories may include: 

– sunscreen

– sunglasses

– sunhat

– rash guard shirt with SPF protection

– bathing suit and cover-up

– water shoes

– sunshade for the stroller

Cold weather attire and accessories may include: 

– hat that covers the child’s ears

– mittens or gloves

– jacket or coat

– boots

– warm pants or leggings

– snowsuit

– warm blanket for covering the child in the stroller

Wet/rainy weather attire and accessories may include:

– raincoat with hood

– waterproof boots

– child’s umbrella

– rain cover for the stroller

Regardless of the weather conditions, the caregiver should always bring a bottle or sippy cup filled with water
for the child in order to prevent dehydration.

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