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Papers, papers, papers everywhere!  UltimateMama does not want you to have a mountain of paperwork on your desk, coffee table, or counter-top.  UltimateMama knows that with children comes a lot of paperwork.  After a quick trip to your office supply store and a few hours of organizing you will be able to pull out any document at a moment's notice.

UltimateMama recommends the following basic supplies:

– Some 3 ring binders that are at least 2 inches in width (at least one binder per child; give each child a different color binder to make this project more exciting for you!)

– Some packages of dividers with clear tabs and labels that are easy to write on

– A durable hole punch that punches at least 3 holes

– A smudge-resistant black or blue pen (or a fun color!)

Separate all of your children's paperwork into piles (savings account statements, 529 college savings plans, health insurance, etc.) and hole punch every piece of paper.  Next, take your pen label your child's name on the outside of a 3 ring binder.  Create an index cover page that details the contents of the dividers with tabs.  Put all of your papers in the correct sections and give yourself a pat on the back because now you are an organized parent!

Sample divider tabs may include:

1. Birth certificate

2. Health insurance

3. Dental insurance

4. Savings account

5. Brokerage account

6. 529 college savings plan

7. Savings bonds

8. Childcare or daycare information

9. School information

10. Frequent flier information

11. Retail store receipts or rebates

12. Favorite recipes

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