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UltimateMama knows the market for nursing supplies is vast and scary.  Below are some of UltimateMama's favorite nursing and breast pumping supplies:

Easy Expression Halter bra is an amazing hands-free pumping bra that is both comfortable and convenient.  UltimateMama did not have this bra her first time around but a very good friend bought it for her as a gift and it was the best present ever!  It is soft (cotton and lycra blend) and machine washable.  UlltimateMama was able to read, check email, organize photo albums, write thank you letters, work, and fold the laundry while breast pumping! GENIUS product.

Medela breastpump was another amazing product that UltimateMama did use for both of her daughters.  UltimateMama liked the Pump in Style backpack because it was easy to use both at home and work not to mention it was convenient to carry on the subway.  UltimateMama also appreciated Medela's prompt customer service response to her questions. 

Pump In Style BP Backpack-02

Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, milk storage cream, lanolin topical nipple cream, and Soothies Gel Pads were all wonderful products that UltimateMama greatly appreciated in her breastfeeding days.

Please note that UltimateMama did try cotton washable nursing pads in an attempt o be more environmentally friendly, however, she found that she leaked right through them!

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