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Well, it is officially the day after Christmas and UltimateMama has heard one too many stories involving the burden of unwanted kids presents.  UltimateMama has a few tips for any of you who are overwhelmed with numerous unwanted or duplicate gifts:

– Gift receipts are meant to be used. If the gift-giver was kind enough to include a gift receipt that means that they completely accept the gift may be returned.  Do not feel terrible about putting that gift receipt to good use and exchanging the unwanted gift for something your child will love.

– Re-gifting.  Although this sounds tacky, it is better to re-gift than to leave the unwanted gift sitting on a shelf for years only to become useless, dusty and outdated.

– Donations.  Donating brand new toys or clothing is a wonderful way to teach your child to be a giving individual.  Contact your local hospital, religious organization, family shelter, or school and ask what organizations accept toy donations. Encourage your child to go with you to experience the process of donating to those in need.

– On-reserve.  UltimateMama has placed plenty of presents "on reserve" or in her closet until her children get older.  Whether the pants were too small or the puzzle pieces too tiny, UltimateMama believes that sometimes it is best to "re-gift" or pull out these previously given presents to the children when they are old enough for them.  This works well for duplicate gifts as you can give a younger sibling a brand new doll or truck that was originally meant for an older sibling.

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