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UltimateMama loves when nice, caring, wonderful mommies give her useful suggestions on parenting.  In every bunch (school groups, classes, neighborhoods, etc.), there are always one or two mommies who stand out immediately and you learn to really treasure those friendships. Whether these mommies have older children, children the same age as yours, or younger children you really love having them a part of your life.  You admire them for telling their parenting stories and for listening to yours. 

DO NOT wait for Mother's Day to show these special mothers appreciation.  UltimateMama offers a few simples ideas for you:

– Give or send them flowers

– Send them a hand written note

– Create a photo book, card or album for them featuring the children

– Offer to be their child's "in case of emergency" contact

– Tell them about a great sale

– Give them details about a fun family event you went to or will attend

– Invite them over for a brunch or lunch

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