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Snacktime or mealtime with kids does not have to be stressful!

Whether your child needs an afterschool snack or a meal, you should always have in mind what you will prepare and serve.  Take it from UltimateMama, you do not want to fall victim to the taunts of a hungry child who scream that you are not giving them food fast enough.

UltimateMama usually organizes snacks in little containers so she can just grab and take them with her when she leaves her home.  UltimateMama even lets the child choose what sort of snack she craves. Give them two choices – cheese stick or crackers; strawberries or cucumbers, dried apples or goldfish crackers. 

For meals, UlimateMama tries to prepare and portion out the food the night before (for lunch and dinner).  All she has to do is heat and serve.  A little time spent in advance is well worth it in the end.

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