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Child behavioral problems are never fun to deal with but we all must at some point. UltimateMama knows that children are not always angels even though we think of them as such. If your child harms another child at home or at school it is best to address the issue right away while it is "fresh" in their minds.  If your child has kicked, pushed, poked, bit, or scratched another child you may want to pull them aside and sternly talk to them about their negative actions and explain that we use "gentle hands/feet/etc." and "kind words" with friends.  You should also encourage them to address the other child with an apology and either a hug or handshake. 

If an incident happens between your child and another when the other parent is not present you should tell them about the event verbally or with an email.  An example of an email that could be sent to a class parent:

"Miss King (teacher) told me that Monica (your child) and Dee had a little rough-housing incident in the gym today and Monica may have scratched Dee.  The teachers did talk to both children about what happened. I just wanted to let you know that we find Monica's behavior unacceptable and have also spoken to her about her negative actions and encouraged the use of "gentle hands" (Monica hugged Dee when they left school today)."

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