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UltimateMama knows that switching to solid food from a diet of pure breast-milk or formula can be hard for babies tummies.  Watch out for signs of baby constipation such as:

– infrequent bowel movements

– grunting baby or crying baby without bowel movements

– stools that seem very hard, sometimes pebble shaped

– blood in stools

Certain foods are constipation culprits for babies (and even some adults), including:

– Rice

– Rice cereal (often a baby's "first food" – UltimateMama started solids with oatmeal cereal)

– Pasta

– Bananas

– Applesauce

– Cheese

– Yogurt

If you feel that your baby is constipated you should consult with a medical doctor to get their advice.  UltimateMama's constipation remedies include:

– baby massage

– bathing the baby

– One ounce of prune juice diluted with one ounce of water (ask your medical doctor first)

– feeding baby prunes, plums, pears, peas, peaches. and oatmeal cereal

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    Including fluids in the diet of the baby is important at the times she starts with solid foods.

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