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UltimateMama declared victory today!  It took her youngest one fourteen months but she finally likes macaroni and cheese.  UltimateMama is thrilled because mac n cheese is an easy and nutritious entree for the whole family.

UltimateMama's tips for children or kids trying new foods:

1. Never give up.  If your child does not like the food the first, second, third, or forth time keep offering it to them.  Space out the offerings. For instance, if you tried salmon last Friday maybe wait a few weeks before offering it again.

2.  Teach them to politely decline the food.  Your child, depending on age, may spit out food they do not like or verbally tell you they "hate it".  Encourage your child to say "thank you but I do not care for it" if they do not like a particular food. This may save you some embarrassment at friends houses down the road.

3.  Do not be afraid of condiments.  If your child does not like plain hamburger then dress it up with ketchup. Or if your child is not into chicken try it with mustard or ranch dressing. Celery may taste better to your child with peanut butter or cream cheese on it.  Try to keep it healthy but also a little fun.

4. Practice what you preach.  If you want your child to eat lemon sole and asparagus then you should eat it in front of them!

5. Show them others they love eat certain foods.  Have a favorite friend or role model eat the particular food in front of your child. If your child's teacher Miss Julie eats cucumbers in front of your child they may want to do just the same!

6. Go to the source. Visit farms, Greenmarkets, fruit stands and show your kids where the food comes from. Let them talk to the farmers and learn about different local varieties of fruits, vegetables, and produce. 

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