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A loyal follower recently sent UltimateMama the following question (summarized below):

"Going through the attic, I discovered an old crib.  It was way in the back, wrapped very nicely and still in good shape, as it was a very expensive one in its day.  It is such a nice piece of furniture, I hate to throw it away. What should I do with it?"

UltimateMama QUICKLY told the loyal follower to THROW it AWAY – DO NOT DONATE IT OR PASS IT DOWN. Antique cribs and other used cribs are dangerous!  There is no market for used cribs because they present hazards. Many infant deaths each year are caused by unsafe cribs, many of which are used cribs.

UltimateMama is all for recycling and reusing "hand me down" clothing, books, and such but when it comes to used cribs UltimateMama says NO WAY.  See the press release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission  that warns about the dangers and deaths associated with used cribs.

UltimateMama does not care if your best friend, your favorite relative, or a celebrity gave you their old crib – DO NOT USE IT!   No exceptions! 

If you have a baby budget, allocate a chunk of money for buying a NEW CRIB.  Do this for your child's safety!  If you want to "cheap out" or save a few bucks go to flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales for books and selected, safe attire — DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT USED CRIBS!!

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