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UltimateMama loves the idea of teaching responsibility to young children.  Assigning small tasks or little jobs to your youngster is an easy way for you to teach them to be responsible.  Older children may love the idea of job charts but younger children may just like the independence of completing a spur of the moment task you assign to them.  Many young children are filled with pride when they complete a job that they have seen their mommy, daddy, or older sibling do before! 

Keep in mind that the idea is not to overburden or overwork your youngster but to teach them in a fun manner!

UltimateMama suggests the following little jobs for preschoolers or young children:

– Fish feeder

– Watering the plant

– Napkin helper (at mealtime)

– Table wiper (after meals or snacks)

– Mail helper (carrying it to the home)

– Laundry helper (putting their clothing in their laundry basket or even teaching them to fold a washcloth)

– Weather helper or Meteorologist (look outside with them and discuss how the weather forecast appears)

– Calendar helper (talk about the date, day, month, year, significant events)

– Librarian (putting their books on the bookshelf)

– Prayer leader (saying grace at mealtime)

– Time keeper (teach them how to tell time)

– News reporter (discuss timely events with them)

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