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UltimateMama's toddler is always hungry the second she runs out of nursery school.  She definitely works up an appetite creating art projects, participating in science experiments, honing her counting skills, learning about the formation of words, running around at gym time, singing and dancing to the music, and listening to stories. 

UltimateMama is always armed with a water in a BPA-free, stainless steel Safe Sippy cup.  Additionally, UltimateMama always brings a small snack that will not ruin her child's appetite for a healthy, hearty lunch.  Also, make sure you avoid snacks that may be choking hazards.  Some quick, easy, affordable snack ideas include:

– crackers

– raisins

– goldfish crackers

– dried fruit without sugar added

– rice cakes

– Cheerios

– berries

– apple slices (or slices of other fruit)

– bread sticks

– cheese sticks, slices, or cubes

– yogurt

– cucumber slices

– carrot sticks

UltimateMama knows that it is not fun eating cereal for breakfast day after day.  However, kids need something nutritious before they head off to school.  Here are some great, quick, and healthy breakfast alternatives for children.

– Apple slices with almond butter

– Crackers with peanut butter

– Hard boiled eggs (make them the night before)

– Rice cakes with jelly, peanut butter, cream cheese

– Cheese and apple slices

– Yogurt and fruit with granola or other cereal

– Cheese stick and berries

– French toast

– Pancakes (make them over the weekend and freeze them in individual portions)

– Slices of ham and cheese

– Breakfast burrito (tortilla, cheese, turkey bacon or ham)

– Grits with cheese

– Breakfast sandwich (bagel or english muffin with ham and cheese)

– Bagel and cream cheese with berries on top