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UltimateMama knows that it is not fun eating cereal for breakfast day after day.  However, kids need something nutritious before they head off to school.  Here are some great, quick, and healthy breakfast alternatives for children.

– Apple slices with almond butter

– Crackers with peanut butter

– Hard boiled eggs (make them the night before)

– Rice cakes with jelly, peanut butter, cream cheese

– Cheese and apple slices

– Yogurt and fruit with granola or other cereal

– Cheese stick and berries

– French toast

– Pancakes (make them over the weekend and freeze them in individual portions)

– Slices of ham and cheese

– Breakfast burrito (tortilla, cheese, turkey bacon or ham)

– Grits with cheese

– Breakfast sandwich (bagel or english muffin with ham and cheese)

– Bagel and cream cheese with berries on top

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