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Paczki Day is today, the Tuesday before Lent begins, or “Fat Tuesday”. Celebrate your Polish pride by indulging in deep-fried dough with sweet fillings covered in powdered sugar, similar to an American doughnut or donut.  All those in Manhattan who cannot make it out to Greenpoint, Brooklyn TODAY are advised to hit up Fairway Market on the Upper East Side (East 86th Street) and get their boxes (6 for $10) before they run out!

UltimateMama knows it is not always easy to think of a fun, original gift for Father’s Day.  So, for Father’s Day 2010 please check out these ultimate Father’s Day gifts:

– have your child write an original poem or story about their father

– electronics

– tools or toolbox

– ties, socks, boxer shorts

– books

– watch

– framed picture of daddy with the kids

– engraved luggage tag

– slippers

– sandals

– pajamas

– cuff links

– golf tees, tennis balls, weights, swim goggles

– photo book from Shutterfly

– fishing gear

– Father’s Day breakfast made by the children (with mommy helping)

– tickets to a sporting event or a play

– magazine or newspaper subscription

– wallet

– pictures of the kids for his wallet

Leave it to the folks at LoveforEarth to come up with cute, compact reusable lunch bags for kids and adults alike.

UltimateMama loves the eco friendly insulated zipper sandwich bag.  At $9.60 it is a steal!


UltimateMama wants to give you all a heads up on something — most day camp and spring/summer class schedules are out now and registration has begun!  UltimateMama's three favorite words are "early enrollment discount" and she's seeing those words all over the place – from soccer to language classes to various day camps. 

Plan your child's schedule now for the following reasons:

1. You can get "early enrollment discounts"

2. Your child can get the days/times that work best for your family's schedule

3. Classes and camps are most likely not yet booked

4. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your child will be active and happy this summer!

UltimateMama got soaked today while strolling her two girls home from school in a NYC rain storm!  And it was her fault for not being prepared.  The positive news is that her daughters were 100% dry!

Not that she regrets it but last December UltimateMama donated her ill-fitting, long, raincoat to the annual New York Cares coat drive but failed to buy herself a replacement.  Now she's all wet.

You need to be prepared when you take your children out in the rain.  Here's a list of things for mommy or nanny on rainy days:

– Umbrella

– Plastic rain cover for stroller

– Hooded waterproof rain jacket (the longer, the better)

– Waterproof rain boots (shoes to change into once at your destination) UltimateMama prefers Burberry rain boots 

– Warm socks

– Hat or baseball cap for under your hood

– Pants that you don't mind getting wet (and maybe even a back-up pair of pants to change into once at your destination)