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UltimateMama got soaked today while strolling her two girls home from school in a NYC rain storm!  And it was her fault for not being prepared.  The positive news is that her daughters were 100% dry!

Not that she regrets it but last December UltimateMama donated her ill-fitting, long, raincoat to the annual New York Cares coat drive but failed to buy herself a replacement.  Now she's all wet.

You need to be prepared when you take your children out in the rain.  Here's a list of things for mommy or nanny on rainy days:

– Umbrella

– Plastic rain cover for stroller

– Hooded waterproof rain jacket (the longer, the better)

– Waterproof rain boots (shoes to change into once at your destination) UltimateMama prefers Burberry rain boots 

– Warm socks

– Hat or baseball cap for under your hood

– Pants that you don't mind getting wet (and maybe even a back-up pair of pants to change into once at your destination)

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