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UltimateMama is always prepared with easy to pack gifts for kids when she is traveling during the holidays.  It is important to pack lightweight, non-breakable treats and items when traveling.  Also, do not forget that chocolate melts so try be careful and opt for well packaged chocolate, jelly beans, or marshmallow candies as opposed to sticky goods.  In terms of creating the Ultimate Easter Basket for kids, UltimateMama is a fan of combining fun little gifts with a small amount of sugary sweets.  Since the family will be in the Caribbean during Easter, UltimateMama already packed the following for her 2 girls:

– 2 cleverly designed paper party bags (from TJ Maxx at $1.79 each – one with a bunny and one with a chick)

– 2 Every Bunny 4 piece beauty sets (also from TJ Maxx at $4.99 each)

– 2 pairs of Candy Girl socks with Easter themes of chicks and bunnies (also from TJ Maxx at $1.99 each)

– Peeps Flavored Marshmallow in Cotton Candy (5 chicks)

– Cadbury Mini Eggs (milk chocolate)

– Russell Stover Maple Cream Eggs

– M&M Minis

A little shopping in advance will save you the headache later of having to find Easter goods while on vacation.  Additionally, you will save money by buying exactly what you want ahead of time as opposed to having to pay hotel or resort prices!




UltimateMama realizes that holidays do not have to be all about candy!  Your child will be surprised when they wake up to see a nicely stuffed basket full of non-edible treats, trust your UltimateMama.

Here are a few suggestions from UltimateMama for alternative Easter basket items:

– Books

– Fun character toothbrushes

– Brightly colored socks or underwear

– Stickers

– Bookmarks

– Headbands for hair clips (bunnies, rabbits, chicks, etc.)

– Bubbles

– Sidewalk chalk

– Jump ropes

– Balls, baseball gloves

– Baseball hats

– Art supplies (crayons, markers, glitter pens, paint)

– Coloring books

– Journals

– Purses

– Chapstick or lip gloss

– T-shirts

– Flash cards

– Washcloths, towels, beach towels

– Fun toys, such as Mr. Potato Head

– Games (Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Cranium Cariboo Island game)