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UltimateMama realizes that holidays do not have to be all about candy!  Your child will be surprised when they wake up to see a nicely stuffed basket full of non-edible treats, trust your UltimateMama.

Here are a few suggestions from UltimateMama for alternative Easter basket items:

– Books

– Fun character toothbrushes

– Brightly colored socks or underwear

– Stickers

– Bookmarks

– Headbands for hair clips (bunnies, rabbits, chicks, etc.)

– Bubbles

– Sidewalk chalk

– Jump ropes

– Balls, baseball gloves

– Baseball hats

– Art supplies (crayons, markers, glitter pens, paint)

– Coloring books

– Journals

– Purses

– Chapstick or lip gloss

– T-shirts

– Flash cards

– Washcloths, towels, beach towels

– Fun toys, such as Mr. Potato Head

– Games (Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Cranium Cariboo Island game)


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