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UltimateMama was not a natural at breast-feeding.  She's a great cook, keeps a clean house, can debate with the best of them, writes somewhat intelligently, but was not a born breast-feeder. 

On Sunday, February 21st 2010 The New York Times had an interesting article on Freda Rosenfeld, a certified lactation consultant, that is worth a read for all current and soon-to-be mothers. 

UltimateMama wants you to know that seeking out help is often a part rolling with breast-feeding.  Before birth, take a class on breast-feeding and childcare.  When you are in the hospital ask to speak to lactation consultants and nurses about breast-feeding.  Have them look at the way your breast-feed (your posture, positioning) and how the baby responds (latching on).  Take advantage of courses that are offered during your hospital stay, post-birth. 

Once you get home, seek help if you are still having difficulties or if you have any questions.  Go to your doctor for help or try to find a lactation consultant nearby through La Leche League or a referral.  They will often help you with breast-feeding basics and even coach you on your approach (NOTE: breast-feeding is not for the modest, many times the consultants or nurses will watch as you feed your baby and re-position you both). 

UltimateMama also wants to point out that a breast-feeding mama should not get worked up or stressed out if they are having difficulties so anyone nearby (fathers, friends, relatives) should support her 100%. 

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