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A loyal follower recently sent UltimateMama the following question (summarized below):

"Going through the attic, I discovered an old crib.  It was way in the back, wrapped very nicely and still in good shape, as it was a very expensive one in its day.  It is such a nice piece of furniture, I hate to throw it away. What should I do with it?"

UltimateMama QUICKLY told the loyal follower to THROW it AWAY – DO NOT DONATE IT OR PASS IT DOWN. Antique cribs and other used cribs are dangerous!  There is no market for used cribs because they present hazards. Many infant deaths each year are caused by unsafe cribs, many of which are used cribs.

UltimateMama is all for recycling and reusing "hand me down" clothing, books, and such but when it comes to used cribs UltimateMama says NO WAY.  See the press release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission  that warns about the dangers and deaths associated with used cribs.

UltimateMama does not care if your best friend, your favorite relative, or a celebrity gave you their old crib – DO NOT USE IT!   No exceptions! 

If you have a baby budget, allocate a chunk of money for buying a NEW CRIB.  Do this for your child's safety!  If you want to "cheap out" or save a few bucks go to flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales for books and selected, safe attire — DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT USED CRIBS!!

UltimateMama wants all of you to know that according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Graco has recalled strollers because of fingertip amputation and laceration issues. Remember, this is on the heels of the November Maclaren USA stroller recall. 

Do yourself and your family a favor and put safety first!  Pay attention to recalls as well as safety notifications.

Many of my loyal readers thanked me for encouraging them to visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website on a frequent basis and for alerting them to the November 2009 Maclaren USA stroller recall following fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to the child. 

Do not mess around when it comes to your child's safety!

UltimateMama wants you all to know that the FDA recently provided an update on the issue of BPA (Bisphenol A).  Remember, this chemical is found in hard plastic bottles and metal food and beverage cans.  It seems as though the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health and FDA are concerned about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in fetuses, infants, and young children. 

UltimateMama encourages you to reduce your family's exposure to BPA.  Do it for your CHILDREN!

For an overview and the full update please go to

UltimateMama knows that with the holiday season comes lots of gifts — some loved and many hated.  The most important thing as a parent is that your child's presents are safe. 

UltimateMama wants to share with you a terrific website on safety and product recalls that is a MUST READ for all parents and childcare providers.  This website is essential for soon-to-be parents who are organizing a nursery for their future child.  Before you go on a shopping spree please take a look at this wonderful website that is put together by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission –  The website even details a "most wanted" list of products to avoid – including:

– Playskool Tool Benches

– MagnaMan Figures

– Delta Cribs (Spring Peg)

– Simplicity Cribs

– Kolcraft Play Yards

– MEGA Brands Magnetic Toys


me crazy, call me paranoid but UltimateMama believes you can never be
too safe when it comes to your precious children!  UltimateMama wants
to arm you with a few safety tips so that you can sleep better at


UltimateMama believes it is critical that you review important contact information with your family and childcare provider in the event of an emergency. Place a copy of your family’s contact information along with a CPR “cheat sheet” in a highly visible place in your home such as on the refrigerator, near the entrance, by the phone, etc.  Also, place copies in your child’s diaper bag. In addition, make sure to give a copy of this contact information to close family members or childcare providers for her safekeeping. 


You may also want to provide your childcare provider with access to “emergency” money in a sealed envelope placed in a drawer, the diaper bag, or on the refrigerator.  This money can be used for cab fare, gas money, or tolls to the doctor’s office or hospital or to buy necessary supplies.  By taking these precautions you are hopefully ensuring that your child will get the attention they deserve and need in the shortest amount of time. 



Child’s Name: 


Child’s Date of Birth: 


Child’s Allergies or other issues: 


Child’s Home Phone Number:


Child’s Home Street Address (including apartment number):


Apartment Building Doormen Phone Number:


Mother’s Name ______ ; Work Phone Number ___ ; Cell Phone Number___


Father’s Name________; Work Phone Number ___ ; Cell Phone Number ___


Pediatrician:  Dr. ____

Office Address

Office Phone Number:

Dentist:  Dr. ____

Office Address

Office Phone Number:

Person in case of emergency ____________;  Phone Number ___________


*Note:  Contact information is also in the child’s diaper bag and posted ________. 


For Emergencies:

If the child is in danger (injured, choked, unconscious, poisoned, or anything else out of the ordinary) please call 911 for emergency, then call Mom or Dad.


Emergency:  911

Poison Help Hotline:  1-800-222-1222